Health & Wellness

Blood Donation Camp

Third blood donation camp was organized in Ashirwad Bhawan by Nitara Foundation. It was supported by the members of Red Cross and Jamshedpur Blood Bank. The chief guest of this blood donation camp were Sanjeev Shrivastava of the  National Secretary and  Mr. Atul Kumar of the Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited.

Help For Blood Cancer Girl

When the members of the Nitara Foundation got information about the girl suffering from blood cancer, then the members of the organization give 10 bottles of blood to the victim girl and Assistance given as help and assured to help further.

Free Medical Checkup

Free Eye checkup camp and free cataract surgery organized by Nitara Foundation members at kargil chock. The chief guest of this camp was Sanjeev Sardar, MLA of Potka.

Healthcare job opportunities are expanding, and there is a growing demand for qualified experts to work in this field. Keeping this in mind, the Nitara Foundation has developed Healthcare Skilling Programs to empower kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and prepare them for employment.

Blood Donation

Blood donation camp organized by Nitara foundation on 11th August 2018. In association with Red Cross and Blood Bank in Seva Sadan, Chhota Govindpur, the chief guest of this blood donation camp was Mr. Atul Kumar of the Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited.

Free Medical Checkup

As soon as the Covid 19 pandemic began, Nitara Foundation launched a covid relief campaign to raise awareness and provide assistance to our beneficiaries and their families. However, the epidemic brought to light major flaws in our healthcare system. During the crisis, a shortage of healthcare facilities, skilled medical personnel, and supplies posed a serious issue for the country, particularly in semi-urban and rural areas.

Free Eye Checkup

Free Eye checkup camp organized in chhota Govindpur School by Nitara Foundation members. The chief guest of this camp was Sanjeev Shrivastava,  National Secretary.

We Are Here For You

As a socially responsible service provider, we endeavour to reach out to as many people as we can serve. To do this, we take great strides to ensure our staff are well-trained and provide help through meaningful activities that will improve the quality of lives of those who are in need and empower them to better themselves.