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When it comes to social welfare and care in a city, orphanages in Jharkhand play an essential role by caring for orphans, children, and toddlers. Jharkhand, one of the most developed cities in northern India, is home to various orphanages that are administered and supported by a variety of government and private organisations. These orphanages provide food, clothing, housing, and education to the poor and underprivileged, among other things.

Old age Home

We have established best practises at Nitara Foundation Home for the Aged in order to provide the elderly women residents with a healthy, productive, and involved lifestyle.

All important festivals are celebrated, and there is a pooja room available for daily prayers. Women are encouraged to be active by doing things like reading, going for walks on a regular basis, singing bhajans, and so on.Your generous contribution will allow us to better serve the Happy Old Age Home’s neglected and needy senior inhabitants.

Free Medical check up

As soon as the Covid 19 pandemic began, Nitara Foundation launched a covid relief campaign to raise awareness and provide assistance to our beneficiaries and their families. However, the epidemic brought to light major flaws in our healthcare system. During the crisis, a shortage of healthcare facilities, skilled medical personnel, and supplies posed a serious issue for the country, particularly in semi-urban and rural areas.

Healthcare job opportunities are expanding, and there is a growing demand for qualified experts to work in this field. Keeping this in mind, the Nitara Foundation has developed Healthcare Skilling Programs to empower kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and prepare them for employment.

Food distribution

We create programmes to ensure consistent meals for children in impoverished communities, where food can serve as a motivator for education and skill development. Hunger, according to the Nitara Foundation, is a concern on par with coronavirus. During these trying times, this charity has been serving food to the homeless and those in need. They give groceries and cooked meals to the city’s daily wage workers, slum inhabitants, and homeless residents. 

Through this project, we hope to feed as many people as we can in a sustainable manner in order to achieve our goal of a Hunger-Free India. A child dies of starvation every ten seconds. 

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